Assess how well you're managing psychosocial hazards

You'll receive a personalised report outlining how well you're currently managing psychosocial hazards in your organization, and practical action items to support further improvement.

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A message from our Co-founder

Emily Johnson (Principal Workplace Psychologist) shares why we created the 'Psychosocial Safety Assessment', and how it's designed to help protect everyone.

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You'll receive scores and feedback on four key areas

Answer 20 questions and find out how good your psychosocial risk management plan is. You're assessed in the 4 key 'Hazard Management Process' areas below.

  • Identifying Psychosocial Hazards

  • Assessing Psychosocial Risks

  • Controlling Psychosocial Risks

  • Reviewing Psychosocial Risk Control Measures

Everything's outlined in your personalised report

The report contains your results with a summary of recommendations to help your organisation improve the way everyone manages psychosocial hazards.

Identify and plan your path to compliance!

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How can this Assessment help your organisation?

Be confident you're meeting your WHS obligations. Enjoy the benefits that come with better managing Psychosocial Hazards within your organisation.

  • Legal and Reputational Protection

    Being compliant with psychosocial safety standards minimises any legal risks from psychological injury. It also enhaces your organisation's reputation as an employer of choice, attracting top talent and fostering positive relationships.

  • Improved Organisational Culture

    You'll foster a positive organisational culture where open communication, respect, and support are prioritised, leading to stronger team cohesion, innovation, and morale. Ultimately this means healthier business success.

  • Healthier & More Engaged Employees

    Your workforce will enjoy a healthier work environment, reducing stress and promoting individual and collective mental well-being and improved functioning among employees and teams.

  • Increased Productivity

    By better managing psychosocial hazards, your organization can minimize distractions and interuptions caused by workplace stressors, leading to improved employee engagment, and team functioning and productivity.

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Discover your psychosocial hazard management blind spots. Reliably satisfy your Organisation's WHS obligations. Better safeguard your employees and business.
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